TurboTax for the iPad

Intuit, 2010-2012. Lead Designer (Interaction and Visual)

TurboTax on the iPad launched in 2010. We worked on creating an optimized experience for the iPad by keeping all the key features of TurboTax, but making sure that it was tap firendly. We focused on Trasferring a prior year return, making user input easy, and taking advantage of device capabilities. It became a top paid app for 2 years in a row during tax season and earned 4.5 stars in the app store.

Project Details


Added features like Transfer a prior year return, import, backup to the TurboTax cloud based on customer feedback.
Created 3 different options of wireframes (using Illustrator and click through), conducted usability, and delivered final assets to engineering team. Helped with creating marketing story and delivered assets to marketing.


Gliding notes on the splash screen give the user a fun way to pass time
A quick tutorial overlay highlights the different features of TurboTax before you start
Import your W2 and financial info automatically make inputing your info a breeze

In the media

Home PC died a few weeks ago. Now operating on an iPad only while at home. I was a little concerned about the thoroghness of an iPad add for my personal taxes, but was pleasantly surprised when it pulled in my last years info from TurboTax.com and all went smoothly.

Where has this been all my life? One of the best apps for the iPad.

Great experience! Got my taxes done in record speed. Thank you for adding trasnfer capability from last year's return.