TurboTax Windows Installer

Intuit, 2010-2012. Designer (Interaction and Visual)

We were able to customize the look and feel with the new technology so that end-to-end the experience looked cohesive. We also tested a few options to see what users expected while installing the application. We also wanted to make it a familiar windows install experience and marry it to our brand.

Project Details


Created 3 different options with wireframes (flows using Illustrator as well as click through), conducted usability, and delivered final assets to engineering team


1. We'll need to check your system to make sure it's up to par
2. Once we determine that your system is ready to go, welcome
3. Tax laws change so we'll need to know how to update the product throughout the season
4. Choose where to install TurboTax
5. We confirm your selections
6. Then as we install, we display what turboTax delivers. We tested a fun video, a checklist to help you get started, but we found that...While TurboTax installs...user just want a bit of interesting simple info they can digest.
7. Now, you're ready to launch TurboTax!