Hello! I'm Andrea, a UX designer for TurboTax. I am a noodler and a doodler (in other words I'm passionate about creative ideas and turning them into engaging products) Take a look around, get to know me.

TurboTax on the iPad (2010-2012)

Emerse the user in a fun tax experience where you can file your taxes from start to finish from the comfort of your couch. Making taxes a comfortable subject.

TaxCaster on the iPad (2011)

Create a clean, simple tax refund calculator to quickly get an estimate of your taxes.

TurboTax Windows Installer (2009)

Guide the end user through a welcoming start experience in the Windows platform

HK University Logo Contest (2008)

Capture the escence of the culture in a modern artistic way. Express culture through a colorful and clean design that the school can grow into.

Taste of Asia event

Create a fun vibe that celebrates food and culture at a family friendly event held in Balboa Park, San Diego.